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Some of our e-commerce success stories, unfortunately some of our customers do not want us to tell you the name of their business, so some of the stories are anonymous.

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SiteGenerator CatalogueMaster

CatalogueMaster is designed for large multi division organisations.  One of our CatalogueMaster customers is a global fortune 500 company.  The organisation comprises a number of global groups with sector focus and each group has 10-20 divisions.  It is regularly innovating and creating new divisions, and acquiring and disposing of divisions, if a division is acquired it will normally have different financial systems and procedures that need to be aligned into the rest of the business.  CatalogueMaster allows each division to manage its section of the catalogue and combines the entire set into a single homogenous catalogue that appears as a seamless system to the outside customer base.  This increases revenue since often capital items are sold by a different division to the consumable items that go with the capital product, and linking the two in a seamless user experience increases consumable sales and makes it easier to collect all the required information to make the capital purchase.

CatalogueMaster allows the orders to flow back into the individual divisions ERP systems, and collects the matching invoices from the various ERP systems which are shared amongst different groups of divisions depending on the past history.  From a customer perspective they are now dealing with a single entity with an integrated e-commerce site that has a professional website that is easy to shop from and has all the relevant products to any purchase.  There is one process for sending orders and receiving invoices and the underlying complexity of the multiple divisions and their acquisition, disposal and changes of ERP system are hidden from the customer base, and do not cause the customers any issues as the systems and divisions change and evolve.

CatalogueMaster for Distribution/Resale/Retail

In distribution, resale and retail there are a large number of suppliers, and one of the key costs is catalogue management and profit is determined by margin management of the catalogue items.  The problem is that the fast moving items, have the lowest shelf, inventory and logistical costs and are the most competitively prices with the lowest margins, and the slow moving items have better margins and higher inventory and handling costs.

CatalogueMaster allows the automation of the catalogue management for slow moving items, and the ability to provide pass through ordering so that these items can be shipped directly from the supplier.  This increase profit on items that already have better margins and increases sales by making available items that would not be available via a print catalogue route.

A CatalogueMaster customer has increased their range from around 50,000 items to over 150,000 items with significant increases in turnover and improvements in profitability, by passing the website maintenance of the 100,000 new items down to the suppliers and getting direct delivery for these items.

CatalogueMaster works by providing the suppliers with their own @UK PLC e-commerce sites and integration solutions.  These make it easy for the suppliers to improve their product content, and generate additional sales through increasing the product range that they supply.  This benefits both the CatalogueMaster customer and their supplier.

SiteGenerator Enterprise

SiteGenerator Enterprise is designed to help large enterprises sell and engage with their entire customer base. It includes a fully functional e-procurement system so that major customers can use the system out of the box and build their own approvals process, where they do not have a functional inhouse Purchase to Pay (P2P) system.  SiteGenerator Enterprise also includes SiteLink enterprise edition for replication of messages and content between sites.

A typical SiteGenerator Enterprise customer would be a supplier with a large range, such as a stationary provider. 

Sample case study, a stationary provider with that uses a major distributer and supplies approximately 200 large customers.  The customers require integration with Oracle, SAP, Cedar, Agresso and a number of other finance systems.  Some of the customers do not have ERP or Purchasing modules and so have manual approval processes for the orders, by using SiteGenerator Enterprise the supplier was able to integrate with all the ERP system and provide a purchasing system to those customers with out an electronic approvals system, so that they could get all customer orders coming in electronically and remove the delays and  obstacles caused by the manual approvals process.  Choosing the correct products from the online catalogue and electronic orders, significantly reduced costs and returns and increased the suppliers profitability.  Returning matching electronic invoices solved the issues around invoice reconciliation speeded up payment and reduced the work load in credit control, whilst improving cash flow.

SiteGenerator Professional

SiteGenerator Professional provides a professional B2B system with all the functionality of enterprise apart from the P2P system, and the included integration services, a professional suppliers buyers, may either connect via the @UK PLC marketplace, or directly, however if the connect directly then there will be some integration fees to pay.  This service is included in the subscription for enterprise.

Sample case study, a niche medical supplier choose to use SiteGenerator Professional to connect to all their customers.  Most of the customer base were accessible via NHS Supply Chain so the key was in providing content and allowing those customers with punch out capability to connect via the @UK PLC marketplace.  The supplier also had Doctors, Dentists and Vets and the credit card acceptance built into SiteGenerator helped with cash flow and increasing the number of practises using the supplier.  Margin management was important to the supplier, with significant variances between the cost of servicing a major trust, and a small practice.  SiteGenerator's multilevel pricing and flexible discount structure already covered all the suppliers pricing methods and provided additional flexibility.

SiteGenerator Consumer E-commerce Sites

SiteGenerator Consumer editions are designed as self managed e-commerce websites.  The main difference from professional is in multilevel pricing, which is not required for consumers.
@UK PLC has a huge range of consumer websites selling every thing from Theatre Tickets, to out of print e-books available as software downloads.  Our consumer websites are still growing steadily, and we continue to improve our product and service.

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@UK PLC is the leading ecommerce marketplace, with over 1 million users. We believe that @UK PLC has significantly more users than all the other UK marketplaces combined, and that we are probably the largest transactional b2b marketplace providing integrated eCommerce and eProcurement worldwide.

@UK PLC is the first large volume green marketplace with over 3 million products that have carbon footprints. @UK PLC supports businesses from start up through to being members of the fortune 500, and is a leading Company Formation & Company Registration Agent with over 290,000 Limited Companies formed.


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'The project was particularly exciting as it allowed for joint work with leading academics at the University of Reading and Research scientists at @UK PLC. This is one of the largest and most innovative KTP projects ever undertaken and we are very excited by the results. We believe that the new tool is groundbreaking and has come at exactly the right time to help public and private sector organizations achieve savings.'

Professor Mark Bishop, Department of Computing

'It's really useful because we can look at the information from all different angles and it's so easy to use,' says Ms Hamilton. 'It will help us rationalise and standardise our suppliers and products, which in turn means we can get better prices.'

Vicki Hamilton, The Head of Procurement and Supplies for the Outer South East London Shared Procurement
London Procurement Program


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