@UK PLC are experts in designing, creating and integrating with eCommerce websites for businesses and consumers alike and offer a range of solutions to meet your needs. Our eCommerce websites give you the flexibility to manage and build your site, from our pre-designed templates.

We can also design websites from your own brief or corporate branding.

@UK hosted eCommerce Websites

The pricing below is relative to the number of product lines.

Website Packages Max. Items   Annual fee
SiteGenerator Alpha e 1   £48
SiteGenerator 50 e 50   £120
SiteGenerator 100 e 100   £240
SiteGenerator 200 e 200   £360
SiteGenerator 2000 e 2000   £480
SiteGenerator No Limit Unlimited   £960

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* This includes: setting up a website with up to 5 pages and eCommerce settings based on our existing website templates which can include your company branding.

Bespoke website design / templates start from £700 + one of the above website packages.

Catalogue Maintenance One off fee Annual fee

Catalogue Upload

Catalogue uploaded by @UK PLC on your behalf; an upload template will be provided.

£70 -


Allows you to automate the update of your online catalogue from a variety of data sources e.g. CSV, text Files, Excel Files, SQL databases and MS Access.


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eCommerce Website Set-ups

@UK Solutions Setup fee Annual fee


Connection to your existing eCommerce website (into our hub via the cXML punch-out protocol)

£2500 £1500

Order Xchange

For non cXML punch-out compliant eCommerce websites.

Bespoke Setup POA POA

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Integration with other systems (i.e. ERP, FMS, MRP)

@UK provide solutions for integration with the following:

System Type Setup fee Annual fee

Recognised system integration

(Sage, Oracle, Cedar, SAP, Agresso, Civica/Radius, Forte, Finest)

Bespoke system integration POA POA

Call us now on +44 118 963 7052 to find out more.