1. My new domain doesn’t go anywhere - how do I set it up?
  2. How do I change the nameservers?
  3. Does it cost anything to transfer my domain name?
  4. How do I transfer my domain out?
  5. How do I transfer my domain in?
  6. What happens if my application is rejected?
  7. Technical Terms (domain, Tag, MX Record,...)
  8. Registrar Information


As we are the hosting company for your domain you can redirect your website to another webpage, this can be hosted by another company or by ourselves. You can also redirect your domain to the free webspace that you will receive with your company account.

To change the URL redirection, please select this option and enter the URL you wish your domain to be redirected to i.e:

Can this be changed? Yes - Just log in again and make the change.

How long before the change is applied? 30 minutes, 36 hrs if changed on the day of registration.


As we are the administrators for your domain, you can select another company to host your Website and Email forwarding.

To do this, enter the NAME of both the Primary and Secondary servers not the IP address, Our servers are listed below as an example:

Primary Nameserver: NS0.CAMBLUE.CO.UK

Secondary Nameserver: NS0.UKPLC.NET.UK

Can this be changed? Yes - Just log in again and make the change.

How long before the change is applied? 24-36 hours


Transfers IN to cloudBuy - Are free of charge.*

Transfers OUT of cloudBuy - Are free of charge.*


Important! Changes in the international domain name registration system means that if you do transfer out your domain name, then your new domain administrator MUST transfer in the domain immediately. Otherwise it is possible that a rogue administrator may take control of your domain.

Nominet: .uk domains - Administration

As we are the current administrator of your domain, we can also change the IPS-TAG, this will change the administration of the domain to your selected company.

Contact your selected administrator and ask for their IPS-TAG ID, once you have this please log into your account on, click on My Domain Names within the Eservices menu. On the My Domain Names page, to the right of the Domain there is an option to 'TRANSFER OUT'. On the next page enter your new provider’s IPS-TAG and 'CONFIRM TRANSFER OUT'. Complete the basket and checkout steps to complete the transfer.

Can this be changed? : No - Once changed contact the new administrators.

How long before the change is applied? 4 Hours

Internic: All other domains - Administration

To transfer the administration of a gTLD, this is done in 2 parts, selecting the Transfer Out only authorises the domain transfer. You must also contact a company that you would like to become the new administrator for the domain.

Can this be cancelled? Yes - Only in the first 3 days

How long before the change is applied? 5-9 Days

Restrictions: Domains cannot be transferred within 60 days of being registered.

If you require any further information about the above topics please send an Email to and enter “Domain Name Director” into the subject heading.


To Transfer Nominet Domains(.UK) IN to @UK PLC from another provider:

Please contact your current provider and ask that they change the IPS-TAG to CALLEVA.

Allow 72 hours (depending on your provider).

To Transfer Internic Domains (.COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ) IN to @UK PLC from another provider:

This can only be done if the domain was created over 60 days ago (Internic rules).

Please contact your current domain administrator and ask them to unlock the domain name ready for transfer and issue you with the transfer authorisation code.

Email with the transfer code along with the username of the account you wish the domain name added to and we will begin the transfer in procedure.


Common reasons for a domain name being rejected are:

* The Domain Name does not match the company name ( and

* The name may be under a 'redemption period' or 'REGISTRAR-LOCK' (TLDs).
You can check the latest 'who is' status at

* Its current status is 'detagged' which means it should come up for renewal at some point in the future (Nominet do not disclose the exact date). You can check the latest 'who is' status at

We will email you if your name is rejected - just reply to let us know if you would like us to attempt to register another similar domain name for you, or if you would like a refund.


    The top level user friendly web address. A domain requires a NAMESERVER and an MX RECORD to function correctly. It also has an associated TAG.
  • TAG:
    The name of the controller of the domain name (ie the people allowed to update the nameservers)
    The name of the computer used to point your domain name at your URL
  • URL:
    The 'user friendly' web address of your website (usually of the form
    The 'computer friendly' web address of your website (usually of the form
  • DNS (Domain Name System):
    DNS is a database that translates 'user friendly' web addresses to 'computer friendly' web addresses.
    A computer that stores emails or forwards e-mails
  • MX Record:
    Similar to a NAMESERVER address - this points to the address of the computer responsible for handling emails to a domain.




Primary Nameserver: NS0.CAMBLUE.CO.UK

Secondary Nameserver: NS0.UKPLC.NET.UK

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